Green Screen Rental – Bridges Reality and Illusions

Green screen rental technology bridges the gap between reality and illusions giving film producers a chance to use their creative skills to film impossible scenes. Advantages of Chroma key combined with reality set technology:

1) Cost effective by eliminating the high cost associated with location filming like: travel, equipment transportation, extra film crew, cameras and lighting equipment, and other types of production equipment needed for filming.
2) Eliminates the studios need to buy expensive stock footage that sometimes doesn’t provide what’s needed for a truly credible set. The studio can buy an inexpensive 30 second film clip that will allow them to develop a Reality set library that can be use again on other projects.
3) Using the Reality sets are more convenient than actual location filming which are limited by high costs, distance, time, weather conditions, remote location, and other production restrictions.
4) Access to restrictive locations are overcome by using chroma key technology and Reality sets like filming in the Airport, the White House, or other locations where access is restricted or limited.
5) Diversity with a library of Reality sets the producers has diverse capabilities to easily create changes, add, or delete locations.
6) Credibility is given to the producer when showing new clients what’s possible to create using Green Screen technology, and Reality sets. Plus this technology saves filming time by eliminating the need for changing camera angles during filming. The camera angles are easily added during the post film production.

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