Green Screen Rental Los Angeles

Green screen rental Los Angeles can provide the professional photographer with various background options without leaving the studio. The photographer can take a photo of his subject in the foreground with a green screen (or otherwise known as chroma key screen) in the background. Once the image is processed it’s ready for editing. The photographer can then remove the green background, and replace the green with his background choice to complete the photograph. An example of this is photographing his subject in his studio and inserting a forest for the background without leaving the studio to take the photographers on location in a forest hoping for perfect conditions that don’t cause filming delays.

Advantages of green screen rental Los Angeles are: reduces filming cost, saves time, free from filming delays like weather or time, more background choices, and allows for the photographer to compete with other photographers. Clients who want out of season photographs for holiday cards like Christmas can have themselves dress in holiday clothes and the photograph taken in front of a screen and the photographer can edit out the green background and replace with a holiday scene.