Green Screen Hollywood: Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality allows a live person to enter an imaginary scene and take part in the scene’s action providing the feel of reality. This is made possible with the use of a green screen Hollywood which allows the designer of Virtual Reality to add his own background to create the desire effect. Creating the virtual reality effect requires the use of a professional green surfaced screen studio to accommodate for a successful creation of the Virtual Reality. Some of these green screen equipped studios are based in Los Angeles and each one has its own specialty.

Some studios specialize in creating Virtual reality games and simulators with their green surfaced screen studios. One studio in LA specializes in the creation and production of special effects for film which would be near impossible without green screen Hollywood technology. This studio came about when their founders decide to get involve with production of special effects using green surfaced screen. You can also find studios that focus on training, market branding and entertainment company. One of the applications of Virtual Reality use is creating simulators which provides the user a feeling they are actually taking part like flying an airplane or a passenger on an airplane.