Green Screen Tutorial: Green Screen Studios

Any project that involves green screen production should require the same kind of homework in sourcing an appropriate green screen tutorial as a sound stage for a movie or a recording studio for music. The taping or filming of your characters or your props in front of a Green Screen Studios and the subsequent keying out of the green background requires skilled and accomplished technicians.

It is accepted that cost will be a vital consideration and that Green Screen Studios will charge based on the size and the quality of the equipment and the skills of their technicians. This must be balanced out against the fact that cheap facilities could be lethal for the quality of your project. Conversely, expensive facilities could be a waste of money given the production that you have in mind. A good Green Screen Studios will offer such amenities as adequate stage size, lighting, green rooms and air conditioning .A three wall cyclorama is a bonus if your project involves lots of movement by the characters. Other key considerations would be privacy, comfort and adequate power availability.