Green Screen Tip – Filming Technique

Green screen tip is a filming technique used to bring one’s imagination or illusions to reality by placing an actor or subject in the foreground of a solid color background screen. One of the main colors used is green because it is easy to work with and less likely to conflict with the foreground colors. This is why the term Green Screen is used to identify this form of media. We witness the magic of Green Screen or chroma key technology everyday when we watch the weather report on the nightly news.

Steps used in creating the Green Screen effects are:

1) Filming the actor or subject in the foreground of a chroma key screen.
2) Once the film is completed it is moved to the editing room where post production is done by removing the green background and replacing the empty space with the desired background images. An example is in the movie Spiderman where he is jumping between high buildings.
3) During filming of the first set of films its necessary to use proper or correct lighting to avoid shadows and to well define the imagine outline.
4) Correct camera angles and distance is necessary for realism or keeping the final film results from coming out looking fake.