Green Screen Studios Hollywood: Inexpensive Movie Making

Green screen studios Hollywood is an inexpensive video and film making technique in which two frames are melded into one. It is also commonly called Chroma key or sometimes color keying. A prominent use is in TV weather bulletins where the weather person seems to be standing in front of a large graphic display. What happens in reality is that the weather person stands in front of a blank green screen studios Hollywood. Different graphic displays are then digitally added to the blank green portions to complete the illusion.

Green is a preferred color because it is so different from human skin color that good separation can be achieved. It is also the color to which digital cameras are most sensitive. The other available color blue is less advantageous because it is a common color in both male and female clothing and requires brighter lighting. Many of the newer Star Wars movies make extensive use of color keying techniques. Green Screen Studios is also far cheaper than having your characters or props in front of an actual projection or TV screen.

Green Screen Studios Los Angeles: Affordable Effects

If you are looking for a studio where Special FX can also be achieved at a cost that does not burn a hole in your pocket, then you really need to look at what green screen studios Los Angeles can offer you. To begin with, you could use the place, along with the equipment and the services of a camera man and a sound technician, for a relatively cheap hourly pay of $200. If you realize that you would be needing the place for much longer, you could even consider renting the studio for a whole day. This would be a lot cheaper, because if you rent the studio for four hours, you get an additional four hours free. That means that you pay $800 for eight hours, an attractive $100 per hour. This is a steal and this comes with the services of the staff and technicians as per your requirement.

Green Screen Studios LA: Anything Can Be Shot

Green Screen Hollywood studios are especially good when it comes to providing the necessary infrastructure for corporate videos where you are trying to project a real professional look. If there is a certain need to have a shoot that is used in company brochures and advertising material, this could be shot with the help of the green screen studios LA staff, who are fully competent to assist you.

Green Screen Studios: Photography

In the last five years as a professional photographer in the glamorous world of Hollywood, I have had the good fortune to shoot at green screen studios (or Chroma Key, as it is otherwise known) quite a few times. The level of professionalism exhibited by the many green screen staffs working in Hollywood today needs to be appreciated. As a result, I was compelled to write this for people like me who are interested in knowing more about the business of providing Chroma Key screens, backdrops, lighting fixtures and other kinds of equipment that is required to make a shot come out really in the busy business of Hollywood.

If you are reading this article, I’m assuming you are also in the movie making business or in the photography business, and finding business in Hollywood a little bit confusing. Chances are that you are involved in making different kinds of videos too. For instance, if you are involved in either music or commercial videos, you could approach green screen studios for the use of the production equipment these studios have. You could even use the actual studio if you want to do some part of a documentary or to try out your casting and video auditions.