Green Screen Studio Los Angeles: Requires Own Lighting

One of the biggest challenges of successfully working with a green screen studio Los Angeles is evenly lighting it. The screen itself requires its own lighting; independent from your foreground subject lighting.

The key is to evenly light your screen, while avoiding the creation of shadows. You preferably want your screen to represent a single, consistent colour. Remember, because you’re trying to utilize the narrowest colour range as you can, shadows broaden the range, and are a contributor to diminished effects. If you have shadows (darker colors), they might not be picked up by the camera, and as a result; those areas won’t be replaced. If you are working with a low-budget setup, shadows become more difficult to stop due to the cheaper, less specialized materials used. This is why it is even that much more important to make sure your lighting is as even as possible, especially when working with lower budget setups. Using a minimum of two lights (the more the better), you should direct light inwards from either side, and from below; modify till you get the most even lighting. Using diffusion filters makes a huge difference during this step. They greatly decrease the occurrence of shadows. Next, when you add your subject, you may notice the subject’s foreground lighting casts shadows on the screen; you will need to readjust your screen lighting and filters for your screen colour evenness again.