Green Screen Los Angeles: Making Virtual Reality Possible

Green screen is the key technology that makes Virtual Reality (VR) possible today. What is green screen Los Angeles? Green screen Los Angeles  is a screen that’s the color green placed in the background of a studio set while the foreground scenes are filmed. This will allow the creator to add any type of background they desire to create a special effect. How is this done?

Once they are finished filming the scene the film is taken to the editing room and the color green is deleted from the film, and the desire background effect is added to the film. What this does is it provides the feeling of action occurring on the film. The green screen Los Angeles is not always green. Sometimes blue or white is used if the surfaced screen has a color conflict with the foreground. Green doesn’t go well with certain colors like yellow or people with blonde hair, and certain shades of color similar to green. The reason the color isn’t used is during the editing process, all of the green is removed, and it will also remove the colors similar to it, leaving holes in the foreground in place of the foreground image. It is also very important to have the correct lighting and all shiny objects removed or dull to prevent problems during the editing process. Plus the cameraman shouldn’t be allowed to use the sharpening feature on his camera to prevent flaws in the green surfaced screen from appearing in the film. The computer used during editing will allow for all necessary sharpening.