Green Screen LA: What The Studios Should Feature

Green screen LA Chroma Key technology studios should feature:
1) 15,000 square feet.
2) High ceilings.
3) Office plus two rooms.
4) Large parking lot.
5) Wireless Internet.
6) Secluded location.
7) Film equipment, furniture, and Props available on request

Other features these studios should include are:
1) A stage that is 3150 square feet and with a Power 600amp three phase.
2) A second stage that is 2800 square feet powered by 1,259,300 amp three phase.
3) TV and film production.
4) Full lighting grids.
5) Full crew available.
6) Recording studios. Many memorable movies would not have been possible without green screen LA. These movies were: 1) “The Matrix” 2) “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” 3) “Jurassic Park” 4) “300″ 5) “The Men in Black”.

Green screen LA is available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the technology. The screen provides picture with depth and quality, and makes it easy for the photographer to manipulate the photo images. The screen is green because cameras are more sensitive to the color green.