Green Screen Studio: Special Effects for Film Media

Green screen studio are the creators or producers of special effects for film media like movies, TV shows and commercials, Virtual Reality games and other types of video games. Special effects created using this specialized screen (or otherwise known as chroma key technology) is a photo imagery process which allows for pictures or videos to be filmed using a chroma key background, then editing the image background with the appropriate background from another source. For this to work correctly, it will need the proper size for the image being created and the appropriate background to achieve the special effect. Then the green screen studios need determine the physical dimension of the original image and make sure that the backgrounds that will be integrate is similar in scope.

If someone wants their picture to appear on a magazine cover, they can have their picture taken in front of a chroma key technology and then the background of the desire magazine cover is digitally interpose to create the personalize magazine cover.

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