Green Screen Studio Rentals LA – Creating Videos

Creating videos through this innovative technology is known by various names such as chroma-key or green screen studio rentals LA technology, and since it is extensively used these days in Hollywood it is identified as Green Screen Hollywood. Through this you can remove a color and replace another image to give a feeling as if you have actually shot the subject in the background location even though the background location does not even exist. Green color is used not merely because of the highly sensitive sensors of the digital cameras which we use for shooting the film, but also for the fact that the green color is the furthest away from humans’ natural skin color. Thus removal of the background becomes easy. In Hollywood, however, production studios use blue backgrounds also, as the color is “noisier”, and easier to be deleted from the film. Though, you should opt for Green Screen Hollywood technology, as it gives clearer results while editing on a digital system.

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