Green Screen Studio Rental – When Letting People Paint It

They should find a large room where they can work. It could be an empty room or a garage. Make sure that the room is clean and it has no shelves. When the place is okay, gather all the materials needed for the screen. Use green paint and the shade must be perfect for the screen or there will be problems. Provide painting materials like paint trays and roller brushes. Get old newspapers and when all materials are ready, prepare the place for painting. Before painting the location for green screen studio rental, line the floor with old newspapers to protect it from paint splatters. Put tape on newspapers so that it will stay in position. Place tape on areas that should not be painted. Make sure to put thick tape so that it will also serve as a boundary or frame.

After preparing the working place, they can start painting. Make use of the paint trays by pouring moderate amount of paint in it. Use the roller brush in applying the paint to wall. Make sure to put the paint evenly. The paint to be used should not be glossy. There are paints that are glossy in nature. Glossy paint would reflect light and that’s not suitable for a screen. It will just give filmmakers and photographers a hard time in manipulating the screen.

After completing the painting process, let the paint dry. It is ideal to let the paint dry for two days or more. When the paint is completely dry, remove all the tape borders and the newspapers. Every film maker and photographer can use a green screen studio rental with a limited budget.

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