Green Screen Stage Los Angeles: Chroma Key Uses

A green screen stage Los Angeles is particularly useful for chroma key uses, on account of the fact that the normal human skin tone has very little elements of green in it. This helps in superior quality of image superimposition as well as the replacement of background, without interfering much with the general view of the broadcaster who is standing in the foreground. If there had been any green tint or tone in human skin, parts of the body would have become invisible when using the other colored screen, making the effect quite odd and extremely inappropriate and incongruous.

One of the main advantages of using a green screen stage Los Angeles  is that it is fairly easy to implement as well as being cost effective. If one were to use a huge plasma or HDTV screen behind the broadcaster, the effect could be marvellous, but the cost would be far greater than using a green screen. In these days of economic downturn, where cost management is the key, the dice is loaded in favour of using cheaper options.

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