Green Screen Rentals: Curious About Special Effects

Were you ever curious about how special effects in movies are made? How do filmmakers recreate the mystical world of Hogwarts or conjure a pre-historic earth? How do film makers blend CGI with real life action shots? All of these movie wonders have been made possible by the green screen. It is also known as chroma key, blue screen, and color separation overlay (CSO). Without the green screen rentals technology, which is used in studios all around the great city of Los Angeles (Chroma Key technology) many memorable films wouldn’t be created. Moviegoers will be stuck with boring movies with poor, little, or no visual effects at all. Without the chroma key, many possibilities in movie-making would still be in the dreams and imaginations of film makers.

These screens works by putting two images together. The solid background color is replaced by an actual background that will be seen in the final cut of the movie. Way back then, in the 1930′s, blue was the color of choice among filmmakers. After this, it was also used in many Technicolor films. One of the first movies that made use of the chroma key was the screen adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s popular novella, “The Old Man and the Sea.” The rest is history. More and more films were created with the help of chroma key technology. It eventually spawned many cinematic innovations that made film making what it is in the present day. For example, the Chroma Key screen is no longer used solely for changing backgrounds. Scenes are shot behind the screen so that it would be easy to add visual effects such as CGI.

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