Green Screen: Favorite Special Effects Tool

Green screen (or otherwise known as chroma key technology) is the favorite special effects tool of most movie producers. Chroma key screen is used to mix two different images or pictures together in one image in the foreground and one image in the background. The solid color background is made transparent, and replaced with a real background. Chroma screen technology is well liked by film producers, and photographers. Chroma key technology was first used for movie special effects in the 1930′s by RKO Radio and Pictures. The first movie to pioneer Chroma screen technology special effects was “The Thief of Bagdad” produce by Larry Butler. Butler is credited for using Chroma key technology special effects methodology for the “The Thief of Baghdad” that won an Academy Award.

Let’s take a tour of some studios. Chroma key technology studios should have the following features:
1) Services from concept to completion on time and on budget.
2) TV commercials production from a few seconds to several minutes.
3) Visual effects productions.
4) Music videos.
5) Movies of the week.
6) 2D 3D motion graphics.
7) 3D modeling and animation made possible with cinema 4D.
8) Web video production.
9) Corporate video production.
10) Voice over productions.
11) 3D virtual studio set designer.
12) Creating a 3D virtual studio.
13) Composite involve filming in front evenly lit bright green or blue backdrop

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